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how it works
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new life for old photographs

family-only access to shared media and genealogy

how it works

capture or upload pictures

Digitize old photographs or bulk upload from photo CDs, flash drives, SD cards or current images from your smartphone.

Identify People with Tags

Create new "characters" in your family like uncles, brothers and cousins, and tag them in pictures so you can find them all later.

Invite Family to Join & Share

Invite the real-world people of the characters you created to begin sharing pictures and collaborating on your family tree.

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archive all your photos and manage family tree

Enjoy all the Sheritage features and protect up to 2TB
(over 200,000) of your photos for just $9.99 per month.
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view family photos and contribute information
See other family member's photos, get announcements, read news and assist genealogy for FREE!
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private and safe family content

Only your family members can see photos, read news and announcements or use chat features. You don't have to worry about outsiders or bots crawing over your private information. It is possible to share a few pictures with non-family members. For example: if your childhood friend happens to appear in a photograph, you can "tag" them so they could see that single picture. Likewise, you too could see a photo in their family archive if they choose to identify you in a picture.

no "likes" no pressure

On typical social media platforms, posts that aren't "liked" can result in hurt self-esteem.
On Sheritage, there's no competition and every post is equally valued.

Neighborhood Watch

If two or more family members flag a photo or news posting as inappropriate, it's gone! (Your weird uncle won't know it was you!)

You're Family and You Belong

You don't have to prove anything or pretend you're somebody you're not. You're already a member of a very exclusive club - your family! We like you just the way you are!

discover your family's history

As you add new "characters" to your family story with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, Sheritage is building a dynamic family tree! Since everyone in your family can fill in whatever details they know, things come together very quickly. Soon you'll be able to explore all the connections and relationships that resulted in your own branch of the genealogy.
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Keep up to date with announcements and new information that's important to your family. Private information that would be inappropriate for social media is safe to post on Sheritage because only your family members can see it!
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You'll be alerted when another family member is online. Click their icon to open a real-time conversation with them. Collaborate, share or just catch up on family events.
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Sometimes, the only ones who can identify people or know what's going on in a photograph are older family members. Sheritage mobile toolkit enables you to show your wise old relatives these mystery pictures and record their voice describing who, what, when and where! Future generations will hear their ancestor's own voice retelling the story.
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